A dog grooming school is a synergistic fit to a pet styling operation and offers the highest and best use of space, time and results.


Golden Paws® is family owned and has developed all the proven systems over a 40 year period with actual school operational experience.

Take a look around our web site, see what we have to offer, and if you have a question, feel free to contact us either by phone, or by email!

For information on opening your own school please contact:

Mitzi Hicks-Parrish
Phone:  (713) 412-1786
888-808-PAWS (7297)

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  • Mitzi Parish - Golden PawsState Licensing: most states require very rigorous plans and accountability on how you will reach your teaching goals as a proprietary school and want strict record keeping. Golden Paws® will make this difficult process very easy for you by completing all paperwork, lesson plans, record keeping, and all forms will be given to you and explained in detail with you so that it becomes a simple process. All that will be asked of you to complete are the personal questions that pertain to you and your business, such as getting bonded by a bonding agency if your state requires that aspect. Golden Paws® will send off for your state licensing packet and do the work before we visit you.
  • Supply information for your school to be a vendor for government agencies in your state that can pay your school to train students that qualify through them, such as people with low income or people with slight disabilities.
  • Provide information to set up your school with a financial institution that will finance your potential students to attend your school.
  • Set up all your records and filing systems and train you how to keep documentation in a simple manner. Give you all master forms, including but not limited to, attendance sheets, biweekly counselling forms, student master list, daily student review forms, student tool list, school evaluation forms, tour and phone forms, enrolment forms, cancellation and refund forms, state required forms, equipment order forms, and more.
  • Golden Paws Complete Guide to Dog Grooming A Step by Step Instructional Guide with Pictures and Illustrations by Jacqueline Rauch & Mitzi ParishThe Golden Paws® Complete Guide to Dog Grooming Book with over 600 pages of pictures, illustrations and instruction that includes; how to use the instructional book, understanding method of programs, on-site training, lesson plans, CPR, the step   by step grooming programs that allows you to literally walk someone through the whole grooming process on the four majors, the poodle, the cocker, the teddy bear, and the schnauzer and how those breed skills transfer to other breeds and also allows the student to understand breed design and pet applications. What to do on slow dog days, how to apply the teaching program that will have your students up and running in weeks instead of months.  Learning teaching skills that work and make the program so successful, how to keep your students happy and on track, how to properly teach theory so students have an in-depth understanding of lines, balance, proportion, proper control positions and safety and how to track your progress on a daily basis. Over 14 hours of great videos made by Mitzi Parrish, NCMG that follows the step by step teaching program.
  • For an example of the teaching material Click Here.
  • Your school catalogue and how to go over it with your students. Or use it as a marketing tool.
  • Golden Paws Pet Styling Academy Certificate of CompletionA certificate for your graduates, very classy and professional.
  • How to do job placement and counselling.
  • Set up your school with a tool distributorship, so you can order below wholesale.
  • Marketing: Sample proven ads, different media and market plans, a great pre-made commercial for you to run, just adjust to your area. , Student mail out letters, Sample Yellow Page ads, How to get free advertising.
  • Your school listed on our website that is heavily marketed, as teaching the Golden Paws Method.
  • Territory that is agreed upon in advance.
  • Sample brochure or you can make your own.
  • Personal visit to train and set you up, suggestions in designing your school if you would like.
  • Determined amounts of phone support.
  • Click Here To see Samples of the Training Material
  • This is not a franchise, no royalties, with our simple payment plan, small down and pay per student price you get a great almost hassle free program that will bring you not only great financial rewards but personal rewards in bringing up standards in the pet styling field and helping people learn a very rewarding career.

Just thought this might help to show how much support and years of invaluable teaching skills you will receive hope you find it helpful, please call me for more info at 888-808-7297 or email me at info@goldenpaws.com


Mitzi Hicks-Parrish
Golden Paws