You receive a complete package from A to Z! - How would you like to substantially increase the income in your professional Pet Salon with very little investment? We are offering a turnkey, pet styling, school operations, program, licensing the "Golden Paws" training method. Along with providing extensive training and step-by-step instructional material, we will assist you in a complete school set up.

We will help you:

  • School Operations
  • Provide a proven training program and all support materials
  • Obtain a State License for your School
  • Acquire Tool Distributorships
  • Set up your files
  • Provide Sample Marketing Material
  • Provide Successful ways to obtain Students
  • Advertise your School on our Website
  • Text book and Training DVD’s
  • Additionally you may obtain use of the Golden Paws name and exclusive territory rights

The Golden Paws program is a one of a kind step-by-step method designed by one of the Nation's top instructors - Jacqueline Rauch. This program successfully equips students with the skills needed to enter the pet styling profession or open their own business in 8 short weeks.

The reason this program is so successful is that each step of the grooming process has been broken down into a simple, easy to follow format. The student actually understands the pet styling process. A process that professional stylists know takes more skill and knowledge than people realize. To teach someone to become a pet stylist is even more complicated, but with the Golden Paws Step-by-Step Instructional Method, it becomes so easy!

Click Here To see Samples of the Training Material

Based on our many years of teaching and school operation experience, we have put a complete school package together.

Our goal is to create the desire on the part of anyone who wants training in pet styling to seek a Golden Paws licensed school! We only want to partner with individuals who have pet safety as their top priority and who have a sincere desire to give their students the best training and to provide an environment where learning and achievement is a pleasure! If this is also your goal, and you would enjoy contributing to raising the standards in the pet styling field, as well as adding substantial profit to your business, please contact Mitzi at 888-808-7297 or e-mail info@goldenpaws.com.

Mitzi Parrish